Recruitment SERVICES

Talent Acquisition

Our Talent Acquisition team is continuously strategies to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company, Keeping in mind long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skillset.

Education System ERP

We provide Flawless operations system in the field of Education with our specialised services like Cloud-based educational platform, Learning & Development Solution, Online Exams & Proctoring Solutions, School Management & Accounting system.This Collaboration helps in smooth communication across the board and helps environment and education towards excellence .

Customer Service Outsourcing

WE are committed to provide customer satisfaction through commitment and highest standards of service. Actics Technologies Professional Services allow our broad customers to maximize the value of outsourcing technical development for the Lead Generation, Emergency Service, Outbound Inbound Sales & Support, Tech Support, etc.

Human Resources Management

People are essential to the success of any organisation. The performance of an employee can be a liability or an asset to the company. Our team of HR professionals make sure the right fit as per our clients requirement by keep in mind the following: Selection process, Learning and development, Succession planning, Compensation, benefits, analytical and analysis. This strategic approach to the effective and efficient management of people in a company or organisation helps our business to gain a competitive advantage.